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United Way's Tocqueville Society was named as a tribute to Alexis de Tocqueville, a 19th century French diplomat who admired and wrote about the unique spirit of volunteerism he observed in America. The Alexis de Tocqueville Society honors and recognizes the philanthropic leadership of individuals and couples who support the community through United Way of Central Georgia with gifts of $10,000 dollars or more annually. 

"America has a long and rich tradition of generosity that began with simple acts of neighbor helping neighbor." 

Alexis de Tocqueville

Central Georgia's Tocqueville Society was Launched in 1995 under the leadership of Chris R. Sheridan, Jr. Members provide support to a family of local charities, each showing measurable results of changing lives and improving community conditions. Tocqueville Society members are deeply committed to making a difference in Central Georgia and they express this through their extraordinary support of and generosity to United Way of Central Georgia. 

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For more information about the Tocqueville Society please contact:

Brandi Rozier

Brandi Rozier

Vice President of Resource Development