Welcome to Women United, a transformative movement within United Way of Central Georgia that is part of a growing, global force of over 70,000 dedicated women committed to creating better opportunities for everyone. Together, in over 165 communities spanning 6 countries, groups of like-minded women are inspiring their peers to effect positive change.

By becoming a part of Women United, we collectively prove that together, we can achieve far more. Our strength lies in unity as we work hand in hand to shape a brighter future for our community. Together, we hold the power to make a significant difference.

At Women United, our vision is to create a network of driven, passionate women who impact our community through leadership, philanthropy, service, and volunteerism. We offer exciting and effective ways to participate in projects that aim to improve health, education, and economic outcomes for our neighbors.

We celebrate the unique power of women to bring about positive change. Our collective efforts are driven by a shared desire to uplift and empower those around us. Join us on this inspiring journey, and together, let's make a lasting difference in the lives of those in our community. Together, we can change our community for the better. Together, we can make a difference.


To find out more about Women United or to learn how you can get involved, contact Brandi Rozier at BRozier@unitedwaycg.com


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