United to End Homelessness

About United to End Homelessness

United to End Homelessness, a United Way of Central Georgia initiative empowered by Macon-Bibb County, is an extensive, holistic, community-based collaboration between Macon's municipal, healthcare, education, economic, faith-based, and nonprofit leaders. 

United to End Homelessness is committed to ending homelessness in Macon-Bibb County to functional zero, where episodes of homelessness are rare, brief, and non-recurring. It will work in tandem with the Coalition to End Homelessness, Macon-Bibb County Economic and Community Development Department, and other partners. The initiative plans to use the housing first model to create long-term supportive housing and efficient rapid rehousing to do the "most good" for those in need.

Rev. Dr. Jake Hall will lead the United to End Homelessness initiative as Executive Director. Using his background in community ethnography, he will coordinate and implement a comprehensive strategy to reduce housing vulnerability in Central Georgia through a community-wide coalition of providers and stakeholders and act as a nexus in partnership between United Way of Central Georgia, Macon-Bibb County, essential providers, and community stakeholders. 

“The only way we are going to end homelessness in Macon-Bibb is by working together, by sharing information, knowledge, expertise, and resources.”

- Reverend Dr. Jake Hall


Each person experiencing homelessness has a name, a story, a history. We want to know their names and stories. 


Empowered by Macon-Bibb County, U2EH is an extensive, holistic, community-based collaboration between Macon's municipal, healthcare, education, economic, faith-based, and nonprofit leaders.


We will learn from the proven strategies of thriving, compassionate cities that have proven you can have flourishing economy and a compassionate community. 


Our focus is on housing. We will do more than treat the symptoms of homelessness, we will work diligently to create accessible pathways to permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing, and affordable housing. 


We must act now to end our community's homeless crisis. In Macon-Bibb County, we encourage everyone to learn, understand, and help eliminate homelessness. 

Rev. Dr. Jake Hall

About Reverend Dr. Hall

Reverend Dr. Hall earned his bachelor’s degree from Samford University, his Master of Divinity degree from Duke Divinity School, and his Doctorate from Mercer University. Dr. Hall is a senior research fellow at the Baugh Center of Mercer University and an adjunct professor at Mercer’s James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology.

He is a graduate of, and board member for, the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Macon program and mentors community leaders in areas of systemic poverty, race and class dynamics. In 2017, Dr. Hall received NewTown Macon’s Emerging Leader Award. He is a current board member for the Duke Divinity School Baptist House of Study, is on the board of Good Faith Media.