United for ALICE

ALICE stands for Asset LimitedIncome ConstrainedEmployed, and represents the growing number of working families who struggle to afford the basics of housing, childcare, food, transportation, healthcare, and technology. 

ALICE could be your relative, friend, co-worker, or neighbor. ALICE may also be a teacher, health care provider, retail clerk, sanitation worker, and other members of our essential workforce. These working families are in parts of every community nationwide. 


Alice family

ALICE households include: 

  • All races, ages, ethnicities, and abilities, though disproportionately in households of color.
  • Family members who need care and assistance, which makes it harder for caregivers to find adequate work.
  • Workers are living paycheck to paycheck and are forced to make impossible choices such as pay the rent or buy food, receive medical care or pay for childcare, pay utility bills or put gas in the car. 
Alice map

United Way of Central Georgia will use ALICE measures to highlight challenges ALICE households face to inspire action and generate innovative solutions that promote economic and social mobility. These programs and practices improve access to affordable housing, high-quality childcare, education, healthy food, transportation, healthcare, workforce training, and more. United for ALICE will turn data into action by bringing financial stability to ALICE families in Central Georgia. 

Five Common Questions About ALICE

Are ALICE families living in poverty? No. By definition, ALICE families are above the Federal Poverty Level. However, they are significantly impeded financially and are one unforeseen expense away from falling into poverty.  

Is the head of an ALICE household working? Yes. The head of an ALICE household is gainfully employed with a full-time job and in many cases, has been loyally working for his or her employer for many years. 

Is the head of an ALICE household seeking independence? Yes. The head of an ALICE household consistently pursues financial independence, often juggling multiple jobs to support their family. They possess a keen awareness of the economic challenges their family faces and are actively striving to solve them through gainful employment.

Are ALICE families rare? No. ALICE families are everywhere. According to the data, between 20% - 35% of households in Central Georgia fall into the ALICE designation. As core costs such as housing, childcare, and food continue to outpace wages, these families are increasingly falling further and further behind. 

Are ALICE families easy to spot? No. ALICE families are your neighbors, coworkers, and community members, people you likely interact with every single day. They are the waiter at your favorite restaurant, the cashier at your neighborhood grocery store, the greeter welcoming you to church on Sunday, or the parent of your child’s best friend at school. 



Veronica's journey with United Way of Central Georgia started with a call to 2-1-1. Seeking diapers, she found so much more. Through First Steps, Veronica's family received support and access to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library—books for her children in English and Spanish. Parent educators from Parents as Teachers visited her home, providing invaluable guidance and resources. But that's not all. United Way also helped Veronica secure employment and achieve financial stability. Thanks to United Way's dedication, Veronica's family thrives, and their future shines bright.


Adrian faced significant challenges, becoming homeless after losing his car. He had to spend hundreds on Uber rides just to commute to work. Fortunately, United Way and Brookdale Resource Center helped support his path to stable housing, and thanks to Geico's remarkable generosity, Adrian received a life-changing gift—a car. This incredible act removed the burden of transportation, enabling Adrian to focus on his personal and professional growth. With newfound independence, he is now thriving and making a lasting impact. This inspiring success story exemplifies the power of compassion and collaboration, showing that together, we can create positive change in people's lives.


Meet Khadijah, a devoted mother who believes in the power of early education. Thanks to our Parents as Teachers program in Central Georgia, she found a trusted partner for her children's development, creating a nurturing environment where they can flourish. With the program's guidance and support, Khadijah has witnessed remarkable growth in her children, from their first steps to their first words, cherishing each milestone, knowing she played a vital role in their development. Notably, while in the program, Khadijah's determination led her to obtain her GED, exemplifying the program's commitment to empowering parents as they foster their children's educational journey. Together, we continue to empower families like Khadijah's, creating a thriving community where early education sets the stage for a bright future in Central Georgia.